Insurance for photovoltaic systems

An all-risk insurance for your photovoltaic system is the best protection against all risks.


What are the risks when operating a solar power plant?

  • The solar power plant gets damaged by an act of vandalism or a power surge.
    Who will make good for the damage?
  • The photovoltaic installation doesn’t generate power during the repairing time of three weeks.
    Who will cover for the lost feed-in remuneration?
  • During a storm a fallen solar module damages a parking vehicle.
    Who will protect me from legal liability claims from third parties?


Our answer to these questions: the photovoltaic insurance

  • Your photovoltaic installation is comprehensively covered with the electronics insurance coverage.
  • The operation interruption insurance provides a fixed sum compensation for lost remuneration during repairing.
  • The liability insurance protects you from liability claims resulting from operating a photovoltaic system.


What components benefit coverage?

  • Solar modules
  • Mounting systems
  • Inverter
  • Generation and feed-in meter
  • Control and regulating devices
  • Overvoltage protection system
  • DC and AC cables

The so-called all-risk insurance covers unpredictable damages as well as loss of your installation at its original value.

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